Welcome to Xi-An Flavor

Welcome to Xi-An Flavor

"Love this place. Authentic Xi'an flavor. The big plate chicken is definitely a bang for the buck. Everything I have tried tasted delicious. Fantastic restaurant."

Char A.


"Came for the mapo tofu because I saw a photo and it looked like the texture of my favorites. And it was worth the drive!
I haven’t found another place around the north-ish NJ area that makes it quite like this with the focus on bean paste, slight mala (tingly) sensation, saucy meat without being overly soupy. You know that meal that brings back memories, that’s home-y, comforting? That’s what mapo tofu is for me back before I knew about cuisines outside of mom’s home-cooked food.

Here, they serve it piping hot (the way I like most rice dishes!) with plenty of rice. No frills in the sense that the food didn’t come on ceramics but then this place doesn’t seem meant to be a family dine in."

Rob Yu


"When I walked in I was greeted by a very nice lady. She told us that the Biang Biang noodles and Chinese Hamburger were their specialties and we ordered them and I was amazed. They were delicious and reasonably priced. As a college student I would definitely recommend this place."


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Xi-An Flavor
At Xi-An Flavor, you can find a variety of cuisine such as Soup-Stock Beef Noodles, Chinese Hamburger, Yogurt Ice Cream, Combo #1, and Shredded Pork with Green Peppers Noodles. We are conveniently located Raritan Avenue. Order online for carryout or delivery!
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